Saturday, December 10, 2011

Occupy Book

Final Occupy Project- Due Wednesday, December 14th- 500 Points
The purpose of this project is to have each student explain the reasons behind why the Occupy movement is happening. We would like you to review your notes from the presentations and class work to determine your answers. We want you to understand what is happening in our country and to determine what you think is the important information.
The format for this project is a simple book. We want you to create a book that would explain to someone who knows very little about the current economic crisis, why the Occupy movement is happening. You do not have to argue whether you agree or not with their tactics, but why there is a crisis.
1) Create a title that addresses the question-Why is Occupy happening?
2) Determine what history and elements of the economic crisis you feel are necessary to answer the question.
3) Focus on the use of diagrams, charts, and other illustrations to explain your points.
4) Keep your analysis to a minimum-be very direct. For example, " The end of the Glass Steagall Act lead the way to creating" Too Big to Fail" banking institutions which resulted in huge bank bailouts."
5) You may type your text or neatly print in pen.
6) Be creative-use color-strong adjectives-thoughtful diagrams to explain your points.
7) You may use computer generated graphics, but originals are really fun! Simple stick figures can work!
8) You need a title page-think of your illustration and title.
9) Each book should have at least 6 pages of information.
10) Works cited page-that does not need to be annotated :) :)
11) Use class time wisely. You will have part of Thursday and all of Monday and Tuesday in class.

• Book clearly outlines important elements of the financial crisis.
• History of the crisis is addressed
• Effective and intelligent visuals
• Grammatically correct sentences clearly make strong statements that connect to the overarching question.
• Title clearly answers the question and is engaging
• Accurate information
• Excellent use of color
• Title page, six pages of text, a works cited page and a back page.
• Neat and thoughtful presentation.
• All text neatly printed in pen or typed.


December 13th-8 am

Carefully read the checklist. Remember that you must attach your Oct. 27th draft, introduction and second point of view. You must have 11 pages and includes lots of references from your two interviews. Reread your transcripts!!!!!!!!!!
Take time to carefully revise.