Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homework due Friday, Feb. 4th

Read the rapport handout and answer the following questions. For Ms. Hughes' 2nd period class also complete the Know your audience questionnaire.

Homework: Due Friday, February 4 (50 points)
1. What is rapport? Define rapport in your own words.
2. In trying to build rapport, on whom must the speaker focus? Why?
3. Why is it necessary to know your audience to build rapport?
4. How do you determine the appropriate language to use with your audience?
5. Describe two different speaking occasions and explain a speaker would need to build rapport with the two different audiences? BE VERY SPECIFIC: CLEARLY EXPLAIN THE TWO DIFFERENT SITUATIONS.
6. Describe the two most important things a speaker should do to create rapport. Explain reasons.
7. Put the bullet pointed information in numerical order (the first being the most important), and explain choices.

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