Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outline Assignment: Please Read Carefully! Due Friday, March 11th

Oral Presentation Outline Assignment
500 Points
Due Friday, March 11th

This detailed outline assignment is to help you properly prepare for your oral presentation.

1) Outline must be typed and at least two pages (single-spaced).
2) Focus on your transitions and analysis, since that was missing from most of the fifteen minute presentations.
3) Remember this is a persuasive speech!!! You analysis needs to connect to your eq and your answer.
4) Please follow the format. I am only providing you with the beginning of the outline.

I. Introduction- story about a woman who smoked marijuana when she was going through chemotherapy.
a. Transition- explain how marijuana helped relieve her nausea and enabled her to continue to eat. Add statistic about how many people use it to relieve nausea
b. Explain my personal questions about why the government would want to prevent people from receiving help.
II. State essential question "Should marijuana be legalized for medicinal purposes?
III. State that I am going to first provide information about how marijuana relieves certain health symptoms
A. Explain what is in the plant that relieves symptoms - add visual to help explain this point.
B. State statistics on the various types of symptoms that are relieved.
C. State statistics on how many people suffer from these diseases
D. Add commentary on how important it is for people to not suffer. Discuss how important nutrition is to cancer patients or how people with arthritis can lead full lives if they are not in pain.

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