Thursday, March 3, 2011

Program Description Due Friday, March 4th

Make sure you carefully write your description for the senior exhibition program. It must be in my T drive inbox by the end of the day on Friday. 500 Points.

Follow the two examples:

The Positive and Negative Influences of Music

Music has the power to cause emotions, which are gripping and often irresistible; and these feelings affect our moods, affect our perceptions and in turn trigger behavioral responses. The presentation will be about the positives and negatives of the emotional and physical influences that music has on people.

Nicole Velazco has been at Oceana for three years, having spent her junior year in the Philippines. She hopes to be attending Brooks Institute of Photography in the fall of 2010.

The Lost Art of Fatherhood

Fatherhood in America is withering away and the art of teaching a boy how to be a man is forgotten. A boy’s mental development is affected by the absence of his male counter-part. The presenter will argue that the effect is neither positive nor negative alone, but a combination of the two.

Imani Mayfield is a student who has attended Oceana for all four years. He has come a long way and he isn’t perfect, but he is getting there. He plans to attend San Francisco State University in the fall, and pursue a career in Interior Design.

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