Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Senior Exhibition Day Reminders

1) Dress up- but no high heels-you need to walk
2) You must have guest passes for friends and alums who want to attend.
3) You must be in your presentation room by 5 minutes before your presentation
4) Seniors can only be in the library, cafeteria, hospitality room or presentations. NO WANDERING IN THE HALLS.
5) Keep your good clothes on when you go to the hospitality room. Only bring guardians into hospitality room-not enough food for all your friends and family
6) Do not forget to thank the parents in the hospitality room.
7) Copy power point slides
8) Video clips should be on flash drives
9) Use transition slides.
10) Use notecards-not pieces of paper
11) Do not use the podiums
12) Clearly answer your eq at the end with clear evidence-this is synthesis just like in your paper’s conclusion.
13) During Q and A refer to evidence in your answers. You may ask the person to rephrase or repeat the question, if you did not understand it.
14) Clearly know what you want your audience to understand at the end of your presentation. What is your goal? Convince them that your answer is logical and reasonable.

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